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Rather Green

Farm to Table Bag


This bag is BIG, so you can fit a lot of groceries in, even large items which we sometimes end up carrying in our arms.

It has 4 open pockets inside to secure jars, bottles, produce bags, and even spare produce.

The two short handles on the top are a HUGE help when lifting it to and from tall surfaces, such as counters, shopping carts and the trunk of your vehicle.

It’s machine washable, so you can keep it clean and use it over and over again. 

It's made of sturdy certified organic cotton canvas and the handles are made of tightly woven premium jute.

Made in Canada.

Product Care

This bag is machine washable, so you can be sure to keep it clean and safe for transporting your groceries.

It’s made of organic cotton canvas, and it will lose some of its stiffness with time. Washing will accelerate this process, as water will soften its fibers. You may also notice some shrinkage, which is already considered when the bag is designed. It will still be a big bag capable of carrying a lot of groceries and last for a very long time.

Please wash it following the steps below:

  1. Empty the bag, including all four pockets inside.

    • It’s normal to find small bits of produce in a grocery bag, such as onion skin flakes for example, so make sure you get those all out before washing.

  2. There is no need to turn it inside out.

  3. Machine wash:

    • Cold water: helps to reduce shrinkage and is better for the environment.

    • Delicate cycle.

    • Conventional laundry detergent is OK to use, but a neutral and natural laundry detergent will be gentler to the textile fibers.

    • Do not add:

      • Bleach

      • Fabric softener

      • Stain removers

  1. Hang to dry: Allow the bag to dry in a well-ventilated area free from direct sunlight.

    • If you notice excessive water accumulation, plot it dry using a towel.

    • Spread pockets open in order to allow air to enter.

    • Hang it by its handles using a hook or clip. Do not tie a knot with the handles.

    • Allow it to dry thoroughly, as semi-dry conditions may cause mold.

  2. Iron to reduce wrinkles:

    • Set your iron on medium heat. Ironing on high heat may cause canvas surface to slightly burn.

    • Use steaming function, if available.

      • If not available, spray a small amount of water in the areas about to be ironed.

    • Place ironing board in between the layers of the bag. Do not iron multiples layers at once.