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Koaino Soaps

Scalp Suds Soap



A bar soap, designed for your hair, although great for the whole body. This refreshing and rich lathering soap contains organic seaweed powder which is mineral rich, gentle and cleansing. Rosemary and petigrain essential oils are know to balance skin and hairs natural oils. Peppermint essential oil is invigorating which may encourage hair growth.

All natural handmade soap. This Scalp Suds shampoo bar has been designed for all hair types. Made using organic seaweed powder, rosemary and peppermint essential oils, it is very balancing. If you find that using Scalps Suds is too drying for your hair type, do not worry! Simply massage your favourite carrier oil (olive, avocado, sunflower or a mix) into the dry parts of your hair – for most people it’s the scalp or the hair ends. The longer you can leave this pre-conditioning treatment on your hair the better. Once it’s time, use Scalps Suds to wash out the oil and your hair will be soft and conditioned (no need for a separate conditioner) .