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The Complete Laundry Kit


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Earth Love (40 tabs)

These laundry kits will gently lift stains and dirt from your clothing leaving them looking clean, smelling fresh and soft. Paired with a solid laundry stain stick that works on even the toughest stains!


- 32oz of liquid laundry detergent or 40 laundry tabs = 40 normal machine loads. 

- 80g solid laundry stain stick.

- Set of 3 Moss Creek Wool Works pure wool dryer balls.

The Unscented Company Laundry Detergent

Load after load of fluffy goodness. Powerful, tough on stains, colour-safe and effective even in cold water, our biodegradable concentrated laundry detergent is suitable for both HE and standard washers. Made with plant-based ingredients and packaged in 25% Post Consumer Plastic, this hypoallergenic formula is cloth diaper friendly. Fragrance, dye and phosphate free

The Bare Home Laundry Detergent

Let this plant powered goodness do the dirty work. Tough on stains, colour-safe and effective even in cold water. This concentrated laundry detergent is suitable for both HE and standard washers. This Biodegradable formula is hypoallergenic and cloth diaper friendly. Scented using organic essential oils.

Directions: Use 25ml per load for HE washing machines and 40ml for top loading machines.

Earth Love Laundry Detergent Tablets

All natural, waste free laundry detergent tablets. Their formulation have been researched endlessly to provide customers with a product that not only works, but gives the ability to keep their house clean in a waste free way.The added per carbonate is what helps make this all natural detergent such a great whitener/brightener/stain remover. Compatible with Septic Systems & HE machines as there is no sudsing agent.

Directions: Place 1 tablet (2 for extra dirty loads like muddy soccer uniforms) into the drum with clothes.

The Bare Home Laundry Stick Stain

This plant powered goodness is hard on even the toughest stains leaving you clothing with a fresh lemon scent. Also great for use on full garments when hand-washing! 

- For stains: Lather with water & work soap into stained area. Launder as usual
- For a complete wash: Lather with water and soap on the entire item.

Moss Creek Wool Works - Pure Wool Dryer Balls

Hand made in Canada, this Dryer balls are a nifty invention that save time and money! By reducing drying time, they save on electricity & preserve the lifespan of your clothing.

No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them. Each ball is hand crafted using only Merino, Polworth or Corriedale wool - depending on the colour. They are tested to last for 1000+ loads. Simply store them in your dryer between loads.

The colour does not affect the performance in any way and will not transfer to the clothes as it is the natural sheep's natural colour.

While using 3 dryer balls is great, 6 balls dry large loads even faster.

Other uses for Wool Balls:

- Wool balls make great pet toys, your dog or cat will thank you.
- Wool is biodegradable. Plant them in the garden where they decompose, releasing value nutrients.


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